Maileg Dollhouse ♡

Maileg Dollhouse ♡

Inspiration for how to decorate a House of miniature dollhouse!


Who moves in?

Construction has just been completed and it's time to choose which lucky Maileg friends will move in! Maileg dollhouse and furniture are deliberately designed for our rabbits in sizes 1 and 2 and the Teddy family, but the choice is yours! Our my and micro rabbits are also great additions with their complementary children's furniture. The small ceiling is a perfect place for the mice to play and sleep in their matchboxes.

Inspiration for the distribution of space

Our minimalist dollhouse has 5 empty spaces - the imagination can run free. There are no limits when it comes to decor, your bedroom can be in the attic if you want! Here is just a suggestion for what functions the rooms can have…



Give your Maileg friends a quiet place to rest after a day of fun.

vintagebed.jpegvintage bedimage.php-30.jpgminiature wooden cabinet

miniature floor lamp

The kitchen 

The kitchen is a must-have for your little chef and his friends. We are always adding new accessories to expand the story. 

image.php-37.jpgminiature kitchen
34291019.pngminiature refrigeratorimage.php-36.jpgminiature grocery box

House of miniature - Bonus room

Are you going to renovate? Our bonus room and bathroom create space for new stories to be told.


Bonus room inspiration  

The possibilities are endless with our bonus room. You can customise it as you like. It can be a garage, a guesthouse or even a separate house! Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Laundry room

image.php-46.jpgminiature washing machineimage.php-44.jpgIron & ironing boardimage.php-45.jpgminiature basket

The baby / children's room

image.php-40.jpgcradle, my32527092.pngplaypen


Even your Maileg friends need a bathroom! Our realistic bathroom design creates a charming play scene.


We hope this guide inspires you to create your dream dollhouse!