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Olli Ella

Dinkum Doll Knit Set

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RM 82.00
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Keep your Dinkum Doll toasty with bonnets and booties! The Knit Set features snug little pixie hat with a bowtie, and hard-soled booties with a knit cuff and fluffy pom poms on the toes! Your Dinkum Doll can even stand up in the booties! So much fun for kids who love to accessorise their Dinkum Dolls. 

The Dinkum Doll Knit Set comes packed in a snug pouch (perfect for that special present or stocking filler)!

  • 100% cotton knit bonnet
  • Cotton knit hard-soled booties with rib cuff and pom poms
  • Suitable fit for similar sized dolls