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Konges Slojd Balance Bike

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RM 879.00
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RM 879.00
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RM 0.00

The Konges Slojd Balance Bicycle are for new little cyclists who want to learn how to ride - A lightweight design with a frame and bell made of steel, making it strong and sturdy for your little one to run wild while light to carry when those little feet get tired. Designed to support your little one's development by promoting early cycling and mobility.

  • Frame and bell made of steel.
  • Handle and seat made of artificial leather.
  • Basket made of wicker.
  • 36m +


Bicycle: H:63cm x W:44cm x L:86cm

Basket: H:15cm x W:17cm x L:21cm

Padded seat height: adjustable from 37 to 43 cm 

Handlebar Height: adjustable from 55 to 63 cm.

12" wheels.