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Konges Slojd

Konges Slojd Memory Box

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RM 348.00
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RM 348.00
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RM 0.00

Keep all their precious first moments in one place with the Konges Slojd Memory Box. This beautiful box allows you to store all your little one’s milestones from birth, as you watch them grow you can cherish each moment for years to come. With labelled envelopes, cards, a box for first teeth, and a tape measure for taking those all-important measurements you will be able to keep everything safe and organised in one place. All are housed in a beautiful box which features a vintage-inspired lemon design you are sure to love, and sure to be displayed proudly within your little one’s nursery.

  • H: 26 cm x W: 20 cm x D: 8 cm


Cotton clothes pouch

Cardboard box

Maternity bracelet card

First word card

First drawing envelope

First baby scan envelope

First hair cut envelope

Measurement tape