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MIkheev Manufactory


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This crab is sturdy and solid enough for small hands to hold and play with. It can stand still independently on a flat surface and are great for stacking up.  Each animal is painted with colours that are as light/natural as possible with intricate details to give character to each toy. Each animal is roundish in overall shape, it’s surface smooth & safe for young ones. There are no sharp parts.  

As each Mikheev wooden toy is created and finished by hand, they vary slightly in terms of shape, colouring, and the amount of woodgrain or knots showing through the colouring. Each piece is perfectly unique.

  • Dimension: 5.3cm x 5.5cm
  • Handcrafted in Smolensk, Russia
  • coloured with water-based paint mixed with food-grade flaxseed

Maintenance: Clean these toys with a slightly damp cloth. Do not wash them so that the water-based paint will not fade or wash out.