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Raduga Grez

Raduga Grez Biased Rainbow

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Why be symmetrical when you can be asymmetrical! 

This stacker from Raduga Grëz brings a sense of style and form, perfect for young and curious minds to get creative. Unlike the Earth Arch Stacker that has a solid arch, each piece in this stacker challenges us to come up with inventive ways to play with it. 

Will they become quirky ramps and tunnels for toy cars, nesting beds for small dolls, or a series of rolling hills? You’ll just have to wait and see what magic your child creates with these arches.

  • Dimensions: 13cm x 7cm x 4cm
  • Material: Lime Wood, Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint, Lacquer Free
  • Maintenance: Clean with a damp cotton cloth, do not polish and do not use any cleaning agents. Let it dry completely after washing. 
  • Handmade in Russia, ethical production
  • Safety: CE Certified