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Raduga Grez

Raduga Grez Waterfall Stacker

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RM 155.00
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Seven Waterfall arches nestle together to create a stacking toy and simple puzzle for toddlers, as well as an open-ended Waldorf toy play prop for preschoolers and older kids engrossed in elaborate imaginative play. These cascading arches make a beautiful display, or the shapes can become bridges, tunnels, gnome caves and magical portals, or intriguing abstract art sculptures...the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination!

  • Dimensions: 15cm x 12cm x 4cm
  • Material: Lime Wood, Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint, Lacquer Free
  • Maintenance: Clean with a damp cotton cloth, do not polish and do not use any cleaning agents. Let it dry completely after washing. 
  • Handmade in Russia, ethical production
  • Safety: CE Certified